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    Japan imported NTN bearing main application areas

    NTN bearing application industry is quite extensive, and the types are diverse. Here is a brief summary of NTN's imported bearing applications:

    1. High-demand bearings for power equipment of power plants, gas turbines and motor factories. Most of these equipments are continuously operated, the bearing is stressed, the assembly and disassembly is troublesome, and it is inconvenient to replace, so the bearing quality is required to be very stable, wear-resistant and pressure-resistant.

    Second, smelting plants, mines, steel mills rolling machinery and equipment endurance bearings.

    Third, plastic, chemical fiber machinery, film stretching, special bearings and high temperature bearings. With the development of science and technology, such mechanical equipment has been continuously improved, and the changes are changing with each passing day. Some foreign countries have also come soon, and the bearings used with them have also been updated.

    Fourth, printing, packaging machinery, food machinery, special bearings and NTN imported bearings spherical bearings.

    5. Fine bearings for toys, watches, electronics, audio-visual equipment.

    Sixth, textile, dyeing, shoemaking, tobacco machinery use bearings.

    7. Bearings for crushing, ceramic machinery and fine chemical machinery. The working environment of such equipment is poor, and there are many effects such as water mist, moisture, dust, acid and alkali. It is required that the NTN bearing has strong sealing property and the rouge is sufficient and reasonable. It is best to add grease at the right time.

    Eight, beer, beverage equipment, medical equipment selected bearings.

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