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    What are the brands and top ten brands of imported bearings?

    When many people choose to use imported bearings as parts for mechanical equipment, they are a bit blind. They have never known imported bearings before and have been using domestic bearings. I don't know what brand of imported bearings are good. Some buyers can only rely on the recommendation of the salesperson. I don't understand the different advantages of the imported bearing brand, so I won't choose!

    As we said above, it is good for you, not suitable for your quality, and the price is more expensive, which is a waste of money. In this case, it is even more useless. Therefore, as a distributor, Guhan has the obligation to let customers know themselves, make their own choices, understand the operating characteristics of your equipment, and the demand for bearings. According to your own practical experience, choose different bearing models for different customers. . For customers to choose, the price is transparent. We are dealers, small batches, small businesses, don't make jokes about goods, or they won't run a bad reputation for five years.

    What are the brands of imported bearings, and what brands of imported bearings are good, then you must know what the characteristics of different brands of bearings are. To understand these characteristics, you must first understand the typical imported bearing brand. In fact, there are many imported bearing brands, regardless of size. He is like our domestic, big. The factory produces a brand and can also use some bearings produced by small, unnamed factories. At that time, these were all under the premise of low bearing requirements. Today, with the continuous advancement of technology, people use imported bearings to deal with safety hazards and the pursuit of bearing considerations. Common brands of our imported bearings are Sweden SKF bearings, Germany FAG bearings and INA bearings, American timken bearings, Japan NSK bearings, NTN bearings, IKO bearings, NMB bearings and KOYO bearings. These are more commonly used by our customers. The advantages of our company's needle bearings, linear guides and housings are also obvious.

    What is the brand of imported bearings, imported bearing brands include: SKF bearings, FAG bearings, IKO bearings, INA bearings, NSK bearings, NTN bearings, SKF bearings DKF bearings, NFA bearings, FYH bearings, MRC bearings, RHP bearings, SNR bearings, IBC bearings, GMN bearings, RIV bearings, ZKL bearings, FLT bearings, EASE bearings, KOYO bearings, Tox bearings, STEYR bearings, BARDEN bearings, NACHI bearings, TIMKEN bearings AETNA shafts, THK bearings and other imported bearings in the world's top ten list Top in the list:

    Bearings are a very important part of contemporary mechanical equipment, which acts to fix and reduce the friction coefficient of the load during mechanical transmission. As an important hardware tool, its market competition is naturally fierce. In the face of the dazzling bearing brand in the market, which imported bearing brands are good? What is the famous imported bearing brand? The author will evaluate the top ten imported bearing brands for your reference and purchase at a reasonable price. product.

    The main function of the bearing is to support the mechanical rotating body to reduce the mechanical load friction coefficient of the equipment during the transmission process. It is used to reduce the coefficient of friction during power transmission as other components move relative to each other on the shaft. A mechanism that maintains a fixed center position of the shaft. In the global bearing market, Swedish and Japanese companies still maintain the status of major bearing suppliers, while other companies have different regional priorities in the global market.

       Imported bearings top ten brands list

    Leaderboard 1: Sweden SKF

    The SKF Group is the world's leading supplier of rolling bearing and seal products, customer solutions and services. The Group's main strengths include technical support, equipment maintenance services, equipment condition monitoring, and technical training. SKF Group is also increasingly recognized in the fields of linear motion products, high-precision bearings, machine tool spindles and corresponding services. SKF is recognized as a leading company in the field of bearing steel manufacturing.

    SKF's business is divided into three divisions: the Ministry of Industry, the Automotive Division and the Service Department. Each business unit serves the global market, with a focus on customers and industries related to its business.

    SKF has more than 100 manufacturing companies located in different parts of the world. The SKF Group has its own distribution organization in more than 70 countries and is supported by more than 15,000 distributors and agents worldwide. With its online business and extensive global distribution network, SKF is always close to its customers, always providing quality products and services. Established in 1907, SKF has placed great emphasis on product quality, technology development and market development from the very beginning. The Group has invested tremendous efforts in technical research and product development, continuously obtaining various inventions and creations, opening new standards in the field of bearing technology, and introducing new products to the bearing market.

    All companies in the SKF Group have obtained the IS014001 Environmental Management Certificate. Many departments and enterprises under the group also obtained ISO9000 or QS9000.

    Leaderboard 2: Japan THK

    The THK brand belongs to the THK Group, and the THK Group's creative ideas and unique technologies have made the company a pioneer in the development of linear motion (LM) rail mechanisms worldwide. Today, their LM Guide equipment has become an integral part of mechanical and electronic systems in a variety of industries. THK has also developed many other unique mechanical components, including ball splines, ball screws and connecting rods, which are manufactured by them and made available to customers around the world.

    Leaderboard 3: Japan NSK

    NSK brand belongs to Japan Seiko Co., Ltd., and NSK LTD. was established in 1916. It is the first manufacturer in Japan to design and manufacture bearings. For decades, NSK has developed numerous new bearings to meet the needs of users around the world and has made significant contributions to industrial development and technological advancement. At the same time, NSK Bearings continues to develop high-tech, precision and sharp products such as auto parts and precision mechanical components with its technical advantages in precision machining, and actively diversifies its operations in electronic applications. Japan's NSK Bearings is committed to building a comfortable and safe society through the technology of “MOTION&CONTROL” (operation and control).

    Ranking 4: Japan IKO

    IKO Dongyu Bearing Co., Ltd. belongs to Japan Tosoh Corporation, and IKO is a professional bearing manufacturer with more than 50 years of history, which is known for producing needle roller bearings and linear guides. It enjoys a high reputation all over the world. It is the manufacturer with the longest history, the most complete variety and the highest level of specialization in the production of needle roller bearings in Japan; the four-row cylindrical roller heavy-duty guides created by IKO Kafa are world-famous. Its products are widely used in machine tools and other industries.

    Leaderboard 5: US RBC

    The RBC brand belongs to the American RBC Bearing Company, and the American RBC Bearing Company was founded in 1919 in Newark, New Jersey, USA. Originally produced tapered roller bearings, joint bearings and needle bearings. RBC's articulated bearing HeimBearing was designed and manufactured for the US Air Force during World War II, greatly improving performance. Currently, RBC is an international company with nearly 20 plants in North America and Europe. Products are mainly used in aerospace, military technology, robotics, semiconductor processing equipment, engineering machinery and other fields, is a boutique in the bearing. The main products include: special ball bearings, end rod bearings and joint bearings, roller bearings, thin-walled ball bearings, tapered roller bearings and tapered roller thrust bearings, fuselage control bearings, self-lubricating plane bearings.

    Leaderboard 6: German FAG

    The FAG brand is also inspired by a genius. As early as 1883, in the small town of Schweinfurt in Germany, Friedrich Fischer designed a special steel ball grinder, the first to make a complete spherical steel using the grinding process. The ball is possible. This invention is considered to be the cornerstone of the rolling bearing industry. This is why FAG has long been recognized as a pioneer in rolling bearing technology. Today, FAG has become one of the leading brands in the mechanical, automotive and aerospace industries. FAG's companies, branches and sales agents are located in major industrial countries.

    Since 2001, FAG has been part of the Schaeffler Group and has played an active and important role in the aerospace, automotive and industrial sectors of the group. Combined with INA products, FAG has the most comprehensive product range in the rolling bearing industry. It covers all applications in the production machinery, power transmission and railway, heavy industry and consumer goods industries.

    FAG manufactures a wide range of ball and roller bearings from 3 mm to 4.25 m in diameter, including standard products based on samples and non-standard products based on user specific requirements. FAG and INA provide customers with a comprehensive range of comprehensive service and technical support, including: inspection, maintenance and assembly and disassembly of bearings and bearing systems.

    As a forward-looking company, FAG has also invested heavily in research and development. Modern simulation technology, test equipment and special materials laboratories provide reliable support for the continuous development and improvement of each production line, while also ensuring FAG's strong innovation capabilities.

    Ranking 7: Japan ASAHI

    ASAHI Bearing (Asahi Bearing) Asahi Seiko Co., Ltd. was founded in 1928 and initially only produced bearings. In 1951, it was the first manufacturer in Japan to start producing a bearing, and it is also a professional manufacturer of spherical bearings with a seat in Japan. Since then, as a pioneer, the company is committed to the standardization of the bearing and the development of quality standards. After 1975, the company began producing other new products, such as linear sports products. In the industry, ASAHI bearings are now a trusted brand.

    Leaderboard 8: TIMKEN, USA

    No matter where you are, as long as there is a place to exercise, you can see Timken products or services. As the world's leading manufacturer with more than 100 years of history, Timken's high-quality bearings, alloy steels and related products and services are everywhere. Timken's friction management and power transmission technology play a huge role in a wide range of industries. effect.

    As their customer, you can experience quality standards from the widest selection of bearings and related products. For any industrial application, the TIMKEN and FAFNIR brands offer the ideal and wide range of tapered roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings and ball bearings, as well as the choice of mounting components. Their bearing-related products, such as lubricants, single-point lubricators, service tools, safety equipment, condition monitoring systems, and repair services, provide an ever-improving friction management solution that helps you get your system running smoothly.

    Ranking 9: Japan NACHI

    NACHI Co., Ltd. has been committed to the development of mechanical technology since its founding in 1928. Today the company has grown into a comprehensive electromechanical manufacturer providing basic equipment and components for a wide range of industries.

    NACHI aims to expand its technology by combining various technologies, and makes full use of core technologies such as materials, machining, parts and systems to promote research and development. I believe that "only high-quality materials can produce high-quality products", NACHI becomes a comprehensive manufacturer from basic materials to end products. High quality NACHI products include special steels, cutting tools, bearings, hydraulics, robot systems and more. Bearings named after NACHI have become the famous four major brand bearings in Japan.

    Leaderboard 10: Germany INA

    For decades, INA has represented a creative solution that represents the professionalism of design and production, and represents a significant focus on customer requirements. Breaking away from the shackles of thinking, breaking through the barriers of traditional habits, and finding new ways, whether it is the beginning of the company or decades later, is one of the essence of corporate culture.

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