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    How to go in the future of imported bearings? Analysis of the development trend of the bearing industry

    Imported bearing malls have a clear trend of warming

    Now the price increase of imported bearing products has caused the dealers of some companies to present the phenomenon of “hoarding goods”, and there are good products that cannot be sold, so they can only reduce prices. However, although the work is affected by the factors of price increase and price reduction, the trend of the market's recovery has not been hindered. On the one hand, because the sale needs to increase, plus the country's immediate urbanization process, the space for work is expanded. On the other hand, companies are looking for useful ways to deal with price increases and price cuts. In the future, the personalization of the company's brand needs to be strengthened, and insisting on the bargaining power of the brand and highlighting the characteristics of the brand is the only way for the imported bearing company to insist on profit. Many companies now have multiple brands, which is not conducive to communication. When there is no meal, it is necessary to cut the brand.

    The era of precision bearing products is coming

    Nowadays, the brand handling of imported bearing work is still the traditional “rough-style”, and in the future it must be a “fine” brand. The brand's development trend is not strategic at the time of the brand structure of the program, and even some brands are no longer necessary. Therefore, as long as the company's strength is satisfied, it is possible to launch a multi-brand strategy and complete the harmony between multiple brands. In terms of the current status of work, the current imported bearing brands are mainly common, lacking personalized brands. The experience in dealing with brands is not yet sophisticated. There is no subdivision of the cost groups that the brand bears. The company does not understand the shopping malls and is “hard” branding for the brand.

    All custom imported bearings are the direction

    For the direction of the future shopping malls, “bundled custom imported bearings” will present a very strong demand, and the import bearing customization needs to be higher. In terms of cost method and cost form, the whole package of the company relying on the company company will be higher and higher, so similar scale customization can complete the large-scale production, so the relative personalization is now a simple comparison of the mall. However, whether it is customized or not, imported bearing companies will need classic products in the future. Nowadays, there are “no-name army” in the shopping malls. What is needed is more brands with original talents.

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