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    Office equipment bearing

    For a long time, the performance of bearings and bearing components supporting the cutting-edge technology of office equipment such as copiers, printers, financial terminal equipment, distribution and transportation equipment, and ATM equipment has been very successful.

    In order to meet the high demands of customers and to meet cutting-edge technology, environmental protection and energy-saving technologies, NSK has continuously enriched its lineup of related products with its own material technology, lubrication technology and precision molding technology.

    In particular, financial equipment must have high reliability, and the bearing products used will silently contribute to improving the reliability of the equipment.

    The main enemy of office equipment is "charged". As a countermeasure, an electrically conductive bearing that encloses a conductive grease in which a conductive substance is mixed in a grease is used. However, as time passes, the electrical conductivity may be deteriorated gradually. For the high reliability part, a mechanical grounding device consisting of a leaf spring and a brush is required.

    By effectively utilizing your strengths, you can develop grease technology by yourself, and introduce a “groundless bearing” that greatly improves the conductive life compared with previous products. It not only realizes the long life of the product, but also eliminates the need for mechanical grounding. The device contributes to the simplification and miniaturization of the device.

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