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    NSK paper machine bearing

    In recent years, in order to improve production efficiency, the paper machine has developed a high speed and a high width. In addition, in order to reduce downtime caused by unexpected failures, the bearings used in paper machines are required to have higher reliability.

    NSK has a range of products to meet these needs, and NSK bearings are installed in all parts of the paper production line. In particular, the "TL (Tough & Long life) bearing" developed by the material heat treatment technology of NSK, and the "NSKHPS Spherical Roller Bearing" developed by the comprehensive ability of material technology, design technology, and manufacturing technology, etc. It is responsible for supporting the paper industry.

    NSK will continue to develop high-reliability bearings that are closely related to improving production efficiency, and will always contribute to the development of the paper industry.

    Bearings used in the drying rolls of papermaking machinery, because the high-temperature steam passes through the rollers, the bearings are in a high temperature environment. For this reason, the bearing may cause early peeling due to insufficient formation of the lubricating oil film, creep due to aging due to long-term use at a high temperature, and a temperature difference between the shaft and the inner ring may cause an increase in the fitting stress to cause damage to the inner ring crack of the bearing. In particular, cracks in the inner ring will cause major accidents that cause production to stop. As a countermeasure against these problems, NSK has developed a high-hardness and long-life "TL (Tough & Long life) bearing that improves the inner ring resistance to cracking and dimensional stability at high temperatures by special carbonitriding treatment of the material. ". This kind of TL bearing has the best reliability in its kind, and it has established a stable position in the market as a special bearing for the cylinder of the drying section.

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